Sweat + Sacrifice = SuccessOne of the many principles of success is sacrifice.  I define sacrifice as offering part of yourself for the sake or benefit of something else.  Nothing great comes without sacrifice.  Sacrifice is at the beginning, middle and end of any meaningful accomplishment.  You cannot enjoy the harvest without plowing the fields.

This principle of sacrifice is so important that even God himself choose to obey it.  He proved it with the sacrifice of His own son.  Then His son proved it with the sacrifice of his own life.  According to the Bible, they both had to sacrifice greatly in order for man to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is not a religious speech.  This is to prove a point.  If the Creator sacrificed what is greatest to Him for overall fulfillment, why do we believe it will take any less of man to accomplish the same objective?

When setting up your goals, be truthful with yourself regarding what actions it will take to win.  Be most truthful with what you must sacrifice to succeed.  This way, when Monday Night Football is on or a Spa date unexpectedly gets scheduled, you will have the resolve to do what is planned versus what is immediately wanted.

Remember, great things came to those who sacrificed:

Martin Luther King


Nelson Mandela

The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence (Learn what it meant to sign that piece of paper!)

The men and women who serve in our military so that we may live in freedom!

The Dad, who works 60 hour weeks in order to provide

The Mom, who loves and gives of herself unconditionally to ensure her families wellbeing.

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