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In business, achieving long lasting success entails mastering a complicated system of principles.  Examples of principles needing to master would be communication skill, discipline, your profession and the list goes on…  However, in order to become successful you don’t start with any of these principles.  Your starting point is not principles but feelings!

The 2 most important feelings you should possess is “want” and “belief”.  These 2 core feelings will be what steers the ship when the waves force you off course.

Want – When I say “want”, I mean that you want something so bad that you will not feel fulfilled until you have it!  The fact of wanting something so bad that you are willing to do anything necessary in order to get it!  You will knock on doors, you will read more books, you will trade your 1 am sleep time for 1 am work time in order to master your grand plan!  It’s almost as if the universe weeds out the people who don’t want it bad enough by throwing obstacles in our way.  But once we have proven ourselves, the universe takes notice and clears a path that seems so obvious. And as long as we continue to follow the principles that we’ve learned along the way, success tends to be long lasting!

Belief – To believe that you can achieve this success is vital!  If you never truly believe in yourself and what you can become, then you are dead before you begin.  You don’t have to believe that you are ready to be President now, but you do have to believe that you are capable to eventually grow and be ready to be President some day!  When you believe that your actions will some day make you extraordinary, you can then not worry about other people’s belief because you have your own!  Remember, perception is reality; how do you perceive yourself?

Once you recognize that these two feelings exist in whatever you want to accomplish, get excited!  You are about to go on the roller coaster ride of your life!!!

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