SacrificeAll subjects I write about are personal BUT this is probably the most personal topic.  It’s personal because the challenges that I put myself through for professional success are also being put on my family.  And it’s all because of me.  This subject hurts when I think about it much less writing about it!  The best way to explain this is by taking you through my week.

As of last week, I’ve committed to start waking up at 5am every morning.  This is because I need more day to accomplish more tasks.  Here is what my week looks like.

5 am – Wake up

5am – 7am – This time is very much up in the air.  If my 5 month old son is crying, then I feed him.  I try and accomplish some of my To-Do list at this time.  Even 30 minutes of quite time can help me to knock out a list of items needed to do that day.

7:30 – 8:30 – Take my son to the sitters and go to work. (Yes, I have a real job like the rest of you!  I need to pay the bills!)

8:30 – 4:30 – I spend the day doing the absolute best I can do at my job.  They are paying me to perform and that’s what I need to do.  I have an hour lunch where I go to the gym.

4:30 – 9:00 – I go the mall, starbucks, library, bars, gyms, anywhere that allows me to get TOO STRONG out into the market.

9:00pm – The only reason I come home is to spend an hour with my son before we put him to bed.

10:00pm – Midnight – I shower, plan for the next day and hope to be asleep by midnight.

Saturday and Sunday – Up at 5am.  Spend the morning with my wife and son and then I’m out again till I can’t find a place to promote!

Who do you think works the hardest?  Many might say me!  But the truth is it’s my wife!!!!  She has a job just like I do!  But while I’m out building, she is at home pretty much like a single mom.  But she also takes care of me too!  She makes my lunches, irons my clothes, and ensures that Isaiah is the best well taken care of baby possible.  I can rest my mind between car rides, she cannot.  I can stop everything I’m doing to write this blog, she cannot.  I can take a break, she cannot!

She does all this and I cannot even promise her that that this will all pay off.  And if you ask her, she will say that our life is perfectly fine as it is and that she would rather have me at home holding my son and bonding together as a family.

One day we will be a huge company.  One day I will retire my wife.  One day we won’t ever have to worry about the rent.  But until then THANK YOU JESSICA ANN-MARIE CHAVEZ.  I love you more than you know.  Thank you for joining me on this sacrifice of success! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

A family that sacrifices together stays together.  It is now 8:52pm.  Time for me to pack up.

“Isaiah, daddy is on his way home!”



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