Master Po and CainBack in the eighties there was a show my dad used to watch called “Kung Fu”.  The Master Monk was a blind man who would teach the kids kung fu and more importantly about the principles of life.  Throughout the years the blind monk would challenge the kids and say, “When you can take this pebble from my hand, it is time for you to leave.”  He would then hold out his hand flat with a pebble resting in the center.  Only when the Master felt that you’ve learned all you can from him were you coincidently able to swipe that little pebble from his hand.  He would then instruct the young monk, in this case a man named Cain, to take what you’ve learned and go experience life.  During his travels Cain would consistently find himself in situations where his life would be put on the line.  In every life threating situation Cain would flash back to his childhood and reflect on his teachings.  He was then able to prevail due to his experiences. 

 Every experience should be considered a nugget of gold!  Every encounter, every conversation, every argument, every fight, every love exchange, every experience.  It’s off of these experiences where we learn what does and what doesn’t work.  As a kid, we want to know what we have to say or do in order to get that new video game.  As an adult, we’d like to know what we need to say or do to get that raise or promotion.  All of these answers are in the little details of life.

Don’t let a bad experience go to waste!  Learn from it!  I truly believe there is more that is learned in failure than in success as long as you recognized why you failed!  Study your life for a living.  Watch how your prospective in life starts to change after you start paying attention!


A young man asks a wise man, “how did you get so wise?”

Wise man: Because I make a lot of wise decisions.

Young man: How do you make wise decisions?

Wise man: Because I have a lot of experiences.

Young man: How do you get a lot of experiences?

Wise man: By making a lot of dumb decisions.


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