Principle of Success: Sacrifice

One of the many principles of success is sacrifice.  I define sacrifice as offering part of yourself for the sake or benefit of something else.  Nothing great comes without sacrifice.  Sacrifice is at the beginning, middle and end of any meaningful accomplishment.  You cannot enjoy the harvest without plowing the fields. This principle of sacrifice… Continue Reading

The Whole Family Must Sacrifice

All subjects I write about are personal BUT this is probably the most personal topic.  It’s personal because the challenges that I put myself through for professional success are also being put on my family.  And it’s all because of me.  This subject hurts when I think about it much less writing about it!  The… Continue Reading

Start “Here” to Ensure Your Success!!

In business, achieving long lasting success entails mastering a complicated system of principles.  Examples of principles needing to master would be communication skill, discipline, your profession and the list goes on…  However, in order to become successful you don’t start with any of these principles.  Your starting point is not principles but feelings! The 2… Continue Reading

Where To Begin?

  This is a very important question to ask yourself but surprisingly is almost never done.  This is why (myself included) people get lost and end up saying to themselves, “I didn’t plan on life turning out this way.”  Most of us take the first good opportunity that comes our way and runs with it!… Continue Reading