Wrong Way, Right Way

This is a very important question to ask yourself but surprisingly is almost never done.  This is why (myself included) people get lost and end up saying to themselves, “I didn’t plan on life turning out this way.”  Most of us take the first good opportunity that comes our way and runs with it!

We take the first good job that is offered to us and stay in that field for 20 years or we see a quick buck in the real estate industry so we jump on that or a friend of a friend can get you into the police department, etc.   All these situations are reactive.  But how many of us ask ourselves, “What do I really want??”  “If I didn’t need the money, what would I do?”

You must first begin with you!  What do YOU want?  When you were a kid, what did you envision yourself being?  As an adult, who do you look at and say “I wish I had that job?”

Don’t be fooled by any get rich quick schemes!  To get anywhere in life is very difficult.  This is why the first question must be “What do I want?”  You have to want something bad enough to be willing to endure all the BS it will take to get there.

You only live once.  Don’t waste it with would’a, should’a, could’a.  Regardless of age, gender, color or creed start with what you want then work your way backwards.

Life is not meant to be, but meant to create!  Go get it done!


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