MySon 02: Set Your Standards Higher


We all know that having a coach in life is extremely important.  We also know that if your very own Dad takes a strong coaching role in your life, it could literally make the difference between failure and success. While I’m here, I intend to be the best Dad and Coach possible but if something were to happen to me, my greatest fear is for my son to grow up missing many of the important lessons that he will need.  This podcast is to help take the risk out of the equation.  All of these lessons that I speak about are already written down in a book that I’ve put together for him.  This podcast allows for me to actually explain my writings in depth. It offers explanations to the entries in my book that he might not understand by just reading.

Obviously, many of the items that I talk about will be controversial.  I’m certain many will disagree with my writings.  That is fine.  To each is own.

Hopefully, you enjoy these lessons…  If so, feel free to use them as your own and with your children.