Success Principle: Guts!!

It takes a whole lot of guts to become successful.  A great analogy could be American Idol.  Has anyone ever thought about how much guts it takes to actually do what the contestants are doing?  These people are putting their souls on the line with the possibility of being torched by millions!  Every step, word, vocal or smile has a chance of being criticized.  We are often scared of being rejected by one person; imagine all of America having something to say about you!!

When trying to climb up the ladder or venture in business on your own you will need those type of guts.  Whether you like it or not, you’re putting your soul on the line for something you believe in and the person on the other end could normally care less.  There’s tons of heart break with success; tons of rain before any glimpse of the sun.  Do you have the guts to put aside the fear?  Do you have the guts to scream at the top of your lungs until someone takes notice?

It’s said that fear is the number one reason for people to not branch out and live their dreams.  Under that premise it would have to be said for the people who do push past the fear, they do only because they have the GUTS to believe in themselves even when no one else does.