Success Principle – Student

Success Principle – Student

The average millionaire reads well over 12 books a year.  Why would a person who is at the top of the financial food chain invest so much time into books?

Answer: For improvement!  To make themselves better!

It was Socrates who said, “The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.” WOW!!!

To always be learning, to always be improving is what God intended for us to do.  Why else would he give us the capacity of knowledge?  The best example of this would be the Bible.  Think for a moment; what other book could you read for 20 years and still not learn everything in it?  That’s a huge amount of knowledge!

To be a student of life is a key essential of making sure you never plateau.  Plateauing means that you will stop getting better, which means your quality of life will probably also stop getting better!

Your spouse deserves to have the best partner possible, your kids deserve to have the best parent possible, your employer deserves to have the best quality of work possible and most importantly, you deserve to live the best life possible!

Take the time to grow!  You’ll be surprised to know what you don’t know!