Unbalance in Order to Balance

Life can be considered one big obstacle.  It starts with walking, talking, school, more school, work, family, more work and more family.  If you happen to stumble anywhere along the road, you can be left far behind.  
So what are you to do when life hits you and you’re forced to take a huge detour?  How do you steer back on to the road of that degree or the dream job that you wanted to start on the side or basically any goal that you feel needs to be accomplished?
Be prepared because the answer is not politically correct…
Sometimes you must unbalance your life in order to balance your life!
Let that statement mean to you what it must but know that trying to make everybody happy is a fast path to misery.  Answer the call of your dreams, focus heavily on what makes you most happy and on what will bring you the ultimate fulfillment of life.
And yes, by doing this, other areas of your life will have to change as well.  Maybe, you and the wife only have 1 night alone a month and maybe you can only spend real quality time with your kids before school and on weekends and maybe your extended family sees a lot less of you for a while.
When asked what’s going on, reply that you’re investing the next 2-5 years of your life in order to gain complete control of the next 40 – 80 years of your life!  You’re simply unbalancing your life in order to gain complete balance of your life!
Keep in mind that nobody ever achieved greatness on a part time schedule.  Be honest with yourself and your family on what it will take to accomplish your goals.  And hopefully once you hit that level of accomplishment that you are looking for, you will never have to miss another date night, football game, family night or anything else because you’ve created freedom for yourself!